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“I’m Keith Miller, and I empower people to optimize their heart health, fitness, and wellness with 1-on-1 and group coaching programs. I’ve personally struggled with weight loss and heart issues, and I want to use what I have learned to help you be the highest version of yourself, reduce stress, and prevent or reverse heart disease.”

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My Accountability BFF program is a great way to stay on course with your diet and exercise. Learn More!!

Stay on track with our Accountability Coaching!

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FREE Healthy at any Age Course! The best kind of workouts to do. Lifestyle tweaks to improve sleep, battle stress, and feel connected. Nutrition power for your life stage.

Heart Healthy At Any Age

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From 1-on-1 customized coaching to meal plans, follow along courses, and online challenges! Let's chat!

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Sep 13, 2022

Lose Weight With This Heart Healing Food

Of all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in the world, I’d say this is the most important one to track on a daily basis to help improve heart function. Most ...
Free Heart Healthy at any Age Online Course
Sep 06, 2022

Healthy At Any Age: New FREE Course!

Heart health isn’t just something you should be concerned with once you reach your 50s or 60s. The younger you start with a heart healthy lifestyle, the easier it will ...
Habit Tracking App for Weight Loss Accountability Coaching
Aug 31, 2022

New Heart Healthy Weight Loss Accountability App

A New Tool For Your Success! I am constantly trying to streamline, update, and improve the way I deliver my heart healthy coaching programs. It is very important to me ...