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Men’s Over 40 Back Pain

If you are over the age of 40 and suffering from low back pain, chances are it’s not an injury. As we get older, many men become less active. Sitting long hours behind computer screens, behind the steering wheel, and not exercising contributes to over 40 back pain in men. This sedentary lifestyle doesn’t just affect our waistline, it causes weakness and instability in our core. Your core (abs and low back) are the first muscles that contract in any movement. The core muscles increase intra abdominal pressure, create rotational and anti-rotational forces, and help flex and extend the torso. If there is a weakness or instability in any area of the core, performance can be greatly hindered. Even something as simple as bending over to pick up your keys can result in injury.

The bottom line is that a strong core is the very foundation of a pain free and active lifestyle. Without it, you’re just not able to function at optimum levels. And, it spirals out of control quickly. You start with a tired low back, then you rest a few days. Then you have more back pain…so you rest a little longer. Each time, the space between activity gets longer and longer. Before you know what has happened, you haven’t done any physical activity (other than work, maybe) in years. And, you back hurts anyway. Sound familiar? It’s a common problem for many of us more “seasoned” fellows.

The Solution!

But don’t worry, guys. I’ve just released a program that can help. My 8 week “Iron Core – Strength and Stability Program” is designed with the over 40 male in mind. In only 2 days per week, this simple to follow program will tighten and strengthen your abs and low back with easy to follow video instruction right on your phone.

You’ll Get:

  • 8 Weeks of workouts
  • In app planner/tracker/scheduler
  • Detailed written and video instruction for each exercise
  • Easy to follow workouts in FREE mobile app



ONLY $19.97

IRON CORE – Strength and Stability Program

Right now, you can get my Iron Core Program for only $19.97! You’ll get instant access to our online training platform, and be prompted to download the program and training app right to your mobile device!

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