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I was just scrolling through my Facebook feed today, and couldn’t believe the amount of unverifiable “news stories” there are about Coronavirus!

You see…that’s the trouble with the innerwebs. Everyone is an expert, and everyone has an expert looking website that looks exactly like a major news outlet’s website. But, they are just clickbait bloggers. Some of them are just re-reporting news from other sources. And, some of them are outright spreading “Fake News”.

So, I went on Facebook myself and did a live broadcast talking about an important word right now.


It’s very dangerous to get sucked in to negative thinking and overwhelm right now. It leads to stress and unhealthy behavior. Both of which can lower your immune system. And, that’s definitely something we don’t need happening during a planet-wide viral pandemic.

Check out my video below for the replay!

– Keith Miller


Right now, more than ever it’s important to maintain some kind of normal health and wellness schedule.

In fact, it’s a great time to re-commit to your goals or create new ones. Schedule a FREE 30-Minute Success Strategy Session with me and we will discuss your goals, as well as discover some strategies and actionable steps you can take right away.


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