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Beware False Prophets in the Health and Wellness Industry!

Short post today…

There are a lot of “Health Coaches” out there that got their knowledge from the marketing department of whatever MLM company they are selling you products from.

This is nothing new, but I’m starting to see it more and more prevailant on social media channels like Instagram and Facebook. The problem is that social media allows everyone to be an “expert” in whatever it is that they are pushing. These large MLM companies provide their followers with expertly written sales copy, business cards, and even websites. The people who sell their products are called “Independent Consultants” or “Independent Representatives”, but are rarely if ever trained in any manner other than how to get people to sign up.

It’s important that you understand something. Lasting lifestyle changes don’t happen in a bottle of auto-shipped supplements, essential oil diffusers, or by recruiting friends to be part of your “down-line”. If someone asks you if you would like to “tap into the billion-dollar health and wellness revolution?”, what they are really saying is that they care more about your ability to provide them with a monthly quota than they are in your actual health.

Weight loss and lasting change in your health happens from hard work. It happens from an understanding of habit change methods, and how to create new healthier habits. It happens when you stop looking for the next easiest pill or plan, and start trying to figure out what works for YOU. What works for you SPECIFICALLY. That is exactly what a trained health coach does. They help you figure out what works for your unique body type and situation. They then help you formulate a plan to create the changes you want in your life, and they do it in a way that will stick. These changes are not dependent on your ability to keep your “preferred member discount” by maintaining your monthly auto ship feature.

If someone’s claims of weight loss using their products seems too good to be true…it probably is. Health is not a Pyramid Scheme!



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