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Some of us talk to ourselves in a manner that we would never do to another person. It’s a serious problem, because Negative Self Talk not only affects your attitude. It can also have lasting impact on your overall health.

Self Talk is the words we use to speak to ourselves in our head and out loud. And research tells us that some people are generally nicer to themselves in the words they choose. As a result, these people tend to have a much more optimistic outlook on life and also better overall health. This includes a higher cancer survival rate and a 50% lower risk of heart disease!

Not only that, but positive self talk can be linked to having improved immune function, less stress, better heart health, less chronic pain, more energy, and a greater sense of fulfillment.

4 Kinds of Negative Self Talk

Sometimes we talk negatively to ourselves, and we are not even aware of it. There are four basic types of negative talk that you can engage in. Maybe you’ll recognize some or all of these.

No Shades of Gray – In this form of negative self talk, the whole world is either Black or White. There is no middle ground to hold on to. Everything is either heaven on earth, or it completely sucks. This is a very rigid way for you to live your life, and creates more stress than needed in almost all situations.

Only Seeing the Negative – This is exactly what it sounds like. You never see the silver lining, and only see the negative in every situation. No matter what is happening, your inner dialogue turns it to a negative outcome.

Personalizing – This is basically you taking responsibility for everything bad that happens around you. Even if you are not directly involved, you find a way in your internal dialogue to make it your fault.

End of Days – Everything is a major catastrophe…even if it’s not. You feel constantly under attack, and expect the worst out of every situation.

Put Yourself on Check

None of the above situations are conducive to having a productive and happy life. Negative Self Talk will always hold you back from  reaching your goals. The solution is to put yourself on notice, and “Check” yourself every time you realize negative thoughts and negative self talk starting to rise up.

Here’s a few tips on how to retrain your brain into noticing when you are starting to get negative, and make sure you are hearing more positive self talk on a daily basis.

  1. Look for patterns that set you off into a negative mood. If you understand what triggers your negative talk, you can anticipate it ever happening
  2. Stop being around Negative People. Some people are just TOXIC, and that toxicity rubs off on you. Limit your exposure to such people.
  3. Find the humor in all situations. It’s true that laughter is the best medicine. Find what makes the situation funny, and move on.
  4. Find positive people to hang out with. If toxicity rubs off…so does positivity!
  5. Stop following negative social media posts. Only interact with things that make you happy
  6. Find quotes and affirmations that put you in a great mood.

At the end of the day, your inner dialogue is a lot like a movie soundtrack for your life. If you’re playing the wrong music, a happy movie can turn into a horror film. Change the soundtrack and you can change the course of your day…and life.


Keith Miller


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