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The Up For It 3-Tier Success Model

I’ve put in a lot of work lately to create a message to describe all of the elements that I put into helping people be successful in their healthy lifestyle changes.
I’m proud to say that I have finally been able to sit down and brand all of the components of my program into what I call my proven 3-Tier Success Model.

Those three tiers make up my signature programs and are:
1. Paradigm Coaching Method
2. Variable O2 Density Training
3. 5-Star Accountability System

3 tier success model

5-Star Accountability

Most people have absolutely ZERO accountability when it comes to their health and wellness. It is very hard for you to hold yourself accountable. Friends and family are not great, because they only want you to be happy and have a vested interest in keeping you that way. If you’re lucky…you have a trainer that holds you accountable when you show up for sessions. But, what about when you are not there? Real success happens in between all of your training sessions, not during them.

This is why I have created 5 levels of weekly accountability in my 5-Star Accountability System! All 5 of these accountability steps are designed to work together and, keep you motivated and on track every day of the week.

The 5-Star Accountability System

  1. Weekly 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions
  2. Weekly In-Person or Online “Zoom” Personal Training Sessions
  3. Our Fitness Training App and Messaging System
  4. Weekly Accountability Action Steps and Exercises
  5. Our Facebook “Accountability Crib” Community

Variable O2 Density Training

When it comes to getting the energy, weight loss, and fitness goals you want in the shortest period of time, my Variable O2 Density Training will get you there.

This is where we take advantage of the body’s phenomenon called EPOC or Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption. We do this by increasing the volume of your workouts over a shorter period to make your body burn more fat long after your workout has ended. Up to 36 hours!

We also vary the intensity and modality of your workouts to make it harder for your body to completely adapt to the imposed demands so you’re always making progress, having fun, and are never bored!

The Paradigm Coaching Method

Sadly, 98% of the people who lose weight, gain it all back. Therefore a successful program must begin with making lasting lifestyle changes.

My Paradigm Coaching Method helps you restructure your beliefs, attitudes, and habits surrounding food in a way that gets you weight loss results that last long term. We do this with weekly coaching sessions and simple actions steps you accomplish throughout the week to reinforce the development of new healthy habits.

Our focus here is to do what the 2% of people who lose weight do successfully. And that is create new habits in a way that they become “who you are”, instead of just “something you are doing” to lose weight.

If you want to know more, please reach out to me. I’m happy to have a conversation about any of this.

Please take a moment to schedule a FREE Success Strategy Session! During this 45 minute call, we’ll talk about your current health and fitness situation, where you want to be, and we’ll come up with some actionable steps you can start taking right away to finally start reaching your goals.

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